Since I started working in the cosmetic field, I had the pleasure to treat many patients that wanted liposuction. Many of them presented with stretch marks. Even if when asked about them they would tell me how they affect their confidence when undressing in front of the mirror, the truth is that many people don’t have any idea of the existence of treatments to stimulate stretchmarks improvement. Biodermogenesi is a machine produced in Italy that has genuinely shown consistent results when treating stretch marks and is also able to improve the condition of certain scars and improve the overall quality of the skin.

What does Biodermogenesi treatment involve? Everything starts with the single-use abrasive pad that achieves a soft mechanical peeling

which reduces the thickness of the most superficial layer of the skin, the Stratum Corneum. The peeling ends with the application of the patented nourishing serum and the Hyaluronic acid gel. Once the peeling phase ends, the second and last phase begins, which involves a pulsed electromagnetic field produced by the capacitive radiofrequency, called ACTIVE PLUS. The handpiece that delivers this energy has a vacuum that seals the skin onto the handpiece. This sealing action allows an even propagation of the current across the treated area.

Since the first application, there is a mild improvement, which tends progressively to consolidate session after session. Results show that stretch marks can be treated indifferently from the shape, the area in which occurs, its age, the ethnicity of the patient and even in Fitzpatrick skin types 4, 5 and 6 (dark skin types);

The treatment leads to the filling of the depth of the stretch marks, revitalizing its structure, stimulating the increase of capillary size and reactivating cellular metabolism. At the same time, there is an increased activity of Na + / K + cellular membrane pumps. Research suggests this improvement triggers an increase in fibroblast activity, leading to the new synthesis of better-organized collagen and elastic fibres and favouring tissue repair. All these changes lead to an increased synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen type 3 and elastin fibres due to the intense stimulation of the fibroblast and epithelial cells of the treated area. Similarly, there also is a substantial improvement when treating post-surgical scars and burns with the reorganization of the skin layers, reorganization of elastin fibres and collagen, attenuation of skin discolouration and overall roughness. Biodermogenesi is the only treatment specifically tailored to stretch marks and scars with a follow up at five years that demonstrates the stabilization and in some cases, even the improvement of the obtained results. The bridging of the stretch marks with the surrounding skin and their re-acquired ability to tan like healthy skin is evident since the first treatments, but a course of 6 – 9 sessions to be done once a week is usually needed. Depending on the body area, the treatment takes in between 20 minutes to 35 minutes. First sessions may take a little longer.

I started using Biodermogenesi as it was the only treatment with evidence-based research proving a level of efficacy and safety for the patients I was comfortable to integrate in my practice. A few years ago, my Italian colleague Professor Bacci presented the results of research he conducted on roughly 2000 patients suffering from stretch marks which showed terrific results. Following that, the School of Dermatology of Pisa University carried out in-depth research on stretch marks analyzing the effectiveness of Biodermogenesi. The research of the outcomes of these treatments included a series of biopsies, echographies and profilometries. Their results showed that stretch marks could be regenerated regardless of their form and colour as long as the treatment is executed in the right way.

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