In the past years, a new line of non-invasive treatments has been developed to treat stubborn fat from the surface.

Today we are reviewing what can we actually expect from Coolsculpting and what pros and cons it has when compared to Vaser Liposuction.

Even if minimally invasive, Vaser Liposuction is still a surgical procedure that requires a little bit of downtown which is usually around 2-5 days off work depending on how many areas are treated.

The procedure leaves you with an immediate better shape, but swelling and other transient side effects go away completely usually by the 6th-week post-op.

It is important to keep the garments as you are told by your doctor. In our practice we ask our patients to wear the compression vest for 3 weeks full time together with a binder, followed by another 3 weeks part-time, without wearing the binder.

Cool Sculpting is completely non-invasive.

When going to the clinic, you are required to sit in a comfortable chair. A blanket is given to you for comfort. The right applicator is chosen based on the size and shape of the area that has to be treated. This is positioned onto the area desired and is left there for roughly an hour.

Results can be seen not earlier than 1 to 2 months.

The treatment doesn’t require the use of any garment post-treatment, or the need for any pain killers and allows you to return to your daily activities straight away.

Following treatment with Coolsculpting, you may find the are milky to moderately bruised, inflamed, and a tingly sensation may occur for a few hours after, as warmer blood rushes back into the cooled treated area.

Having looked at what the major differences are, let’s discuss some good points to bear in mind when deciding which treatment is best for you.

When deciding if Coolsculpting is good for you, think about how big the area to treat is.

In my experience, I prefer to treat small areas of pockets of fat such as the so-called banana rolls under the bum, the armpit region (pits), the double chin (submandibular), or bigger areas when the amount of fat is too little to have it removed through Vaser liposuction.

Coolsculpting requires several sessions to achieve a good result. So if the amount of fat is well-circumscribed into a specific area as mentioned above, or the amount of fat to be dealt with isn’t too much, you will be able to achieve a drastic change in shape within just a few sessions of Coolsculpting.

If instead, the areas that you want to tackle are rather big, I usually suggest going for a Vaser Liposuction treatment. Otherwise, you would need many Coolscultping sessions to achieve a decent result. This will take time, results may be unpredictable, and by the time you will finally be happy with the results you would have spent enough money to cover the price of an actual Liposuction treatment.

Vaser liposuction removes up to 80% of fat while Cool Sculpting removes an average of 20% at every session.

By following these suggestions you will get a better result and to up saving money.

COOL SCULPTING PROS: Non-Invasive, No downtime.

CONS: Small amount of fat removed per session, may need many sessions.

VASER LIPO PROS: Removes a high amount of fat in one go, improves skin quality to some

extent, can sculpt a more defined look.

CONS: More invasive, requires a few days off work.

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