Removal of stubborn fat pockets that are hiding your muscles definition.

Firstly, the fat is melted using heat and ultrasound energy. Following that, the fat is gently SUCKED out while sculpting the desired shape. We remove more fat from in between the different muscles based on the area that you wish to treat so that your muscles definition will finally be able to shine through.



What is Hi-def liposculpture?

Imagine unveiling the toned muscles you’ve worked hard for, hidden beneath layers of stubborn fat. Our specialized technique highlights your natural muscle contours, transforming them into a sculpted masterpiece, like carving out a chiseled six-pack.

Your journey to a rejuvenated, athletic appearance begins with Dr. Leonardo Fasano’s personalized assessment during your first visit. This crucial step shapes a bespoke sculpting strategy, uniquely crafted for your physique.

Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a stunning transformation, our mission is to reignite your passion for your physique. Embrace a new era of confidence and love for your body, crafted by the hands of an expert.

What can you expect from

High Definition Liposuction of the Abdomen?

•  A visible, natural six-pack. Allowing your own muscles to finally shine through. •  Achieve a more sculpted, chiselled and muscular body 

•  Finally getting rid of the stubborn fat that covers a well-trained abdomen. 

•  Tighten skin with poor elasticity. 

•  Quick recovery time with a mild transient swelling 

•  A great confidence booster result.



During your consultation with our expert Doctors you will learn all about the treatments suitable for you and your body. Patients sometimes visit our Manchester Clinic with multiple areas of concern.

Just as the standard VASER liposuction, the tumescent numbing solution is infiltrated across the area we wish to treat. This will allow the ultrasound energy and heat to propagate, melting the fat while stimulating the skin to produce more collagen and structural proteins. 

Dr Fasano will contour, define and sculpt the areas, allowing your muscles to appear more defined. 

In case there is the need, the harvested fat will be used to minimize previously existing indentations, cellulite dips, sunk scars and other aesthetic issues. 

Dr Fasano is proud to be one of the few cosmetic surgeons in the UK who takes over the care of patients who were left with visible botched results from previous liposuctions and he tries his best to offer revision surgeries at very reduced prices.


Following your procedure, you will come in for several follow up appointments.

The first one, after 7 days after the operation will allow us to remove any drain that was inserted at the end of the procedure as well as monitoring your healing process. 

The second one, after 6 weeks, will allow Dr Fasano to evaluate the treated areas free of any swelling and post-operative transient complication. 

The third one, after 6 months, will enable us to appreciate and discuss the final results. 

We pride ourselves of the best post-operative management. That is because after your operation you will undergo lymphatic drainage massages with our well-trained masseuse, taking advantage of the latest technology such as ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency treatments, suction & negative pressure therapy, phototherapy and biodermogenesi.

Patients seeking a high definition of their muscles through VASER liposuction have to understand that multiple aspects come into play when thinking about the final result. 

Factors that need to be taken into consideration are: 

1. The volume of fat covering the muscle print to the procedure. 

2. The skin quality and the muscle tone of the patient before the procedure takes place. 

3) The compliance with wearing the compression garments and elastic binders following the procedure. 

4) The intrinsic ability of the treated tissue to produce more structural proteins in reaction to the heat and ultrasound energy of the VASER probe, as well as the RF energy and Helium Plasma released by the Renuvion Machine.