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Due to health and safety reasons, when visiting the LF Aesthetics Clinic we are not held responsible for children. Please reconsider bringing your children to the clinic. If this is not possible ensure to bring a guardian or parent able to supervise those children at all times.

Complaint Policy 

This is how LF Aesthetics Ltd intends to take care of its costumers in case of a complaint. 

1. The complaints protocol will be available to the client as soon as they highlight a concern about anything related to the treatments, services or products received. 

2. Our priority will be to answer as soon as possible: 

– Same day: An employee from LF Aesthetic Ltd will contact you either by telephone or by email. 

– 5 to 7 working days: You should expect a reply from the complaint officer. 

– 30 working days: A complete written response will be sent. In case of delays, we will ensure a letter is sent to you explaining the nature of the delay. This will occur every 30 days until necessary.