The best treatment for contouring and shaping of the body.

Removal of stubborn fat

Fat is melted using heat and ultrasound energy. Following that, the fat is gently suCKED out while sculpting the desired shape.



What is VASER Liposuction?

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is an ultrasound-based technology that uses a process called acoustic streaming to remove fat. 

By taking advantage of this technology we can separate and “melt” the fat layer before suctioning it out. Ensuring a less traumatic procedure. This translates into way less aesthetic complications such as skin unevenness, lumpiness, and asymmetries when compared to traditional liposuction.

When undergoing a Vaser Liposuction you can expect three stages. 

1. The tumescent solution containing a numbing agent is infiltrated into the areas that we want to treat. 

2. Using the VASER probe we melt the fat and the heat and ultrasound energy produced to stimulate the improvement of the skin quality. 

3. Using a small cannula we gently aspirate the melted fat while providing definition to the area.



What is the difference between VASER Liposuction and other treatments?

Traditional Liposuction

In the Traditional Liposuction, the fat is directly aspirated following the infiltration of the tumescent solution. There is no melting of the fat before the suctioning phase and as a result, the fat tissue is more difficult to harvest. 

Imagine having a straw, trying to suck broken pieces of ice out of a cup. Now imagine if that ice is melted into water you would be able to suck the water out with a straw in a much better and easier way. Using the VASER probe’s heat and ultrasound energy we can melt the fat before suctioning takes place. 

As this doesn’t occur in traditional liposuction, the procedure becomes way more traumatic for the tissue, prolonging the healing time and increasing the chances of post-operative aesthetic complications such as lumpiness, unevenness and changes in skin colour.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction can be either external or internal. In both cases, it uses a laser to break up the fat. 

The external type uses a laser that is applied to the area of the body that we wish to treat. The internal type involves using a laser that is attached either to a fibre-optic probe or to a suction cannula. Both types can achieve decent results on small areas such as the submental area, the knees, or the banana roll, but they are not able to provide a good result on big areas of the body.


Liposoft is a technique that involves spreading a saline solution (water) containing a numbing agent, across the fat tissue. 

The main difference from VASER liposuction: No use of heat and ultrasound energy. The fat is not melted and therefore it is removed in chunks which makes it more traumatic for the tissue. The lack of heat and ultrasound energy also means that the skin won’t be stimulated to produce more structural proteins and improve in its quality.


Bodytite uses radiofrequency and aspiration at the same time.

The heat produced by the Bodytite probe can be too aggressive for some areas. 

The main difference from VASER liposuction: The surgeon can achieve better results with more definition when using VASER liposuction as there is a wide range of cannulas sizes from which the surgeon can choose based on each individual patient need, the heat and ultrasound energy is also better spread across the treated areas and the surgeon is also able to constantly assess the position of the VASER probe under the skin with his hands. 

All this results in minimized risks and shorter recovery time.



During your consultation with our expert Doctors you will learn all about the treatments suitable for you and your body. Patients sometimes visit our Manchester Clinic with multiple areas of concern.

Vaser liposuction stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and structural proteins so that there is a general improvement of its quality. This stimulus usually goes on for months after the VASER liposuction takes place and it is enhanced if after the procedure the patient undergoes our post-operative treatments involving radiofrequency, cavitation and more. 

Even if the skin quality has a general improvement this greatly depends on three factors. 

1. The quality of the skin and flaccidity level before the procedure takes place. 

2. How good your body is at recovering from this kind of procedure. 

3. How good you are in wearing the compression vest and binder. 

Because VASER liposuction melts the fat before gently sucking it out, this dramatically decreases the incidence of unevenness, asymmetries, lumpiness and indentations. Of course, an experience body sculptor is required to increase the chances of avoiding such complications. 

Vaser liposuction not only will finally get rid of your unwanted stubborn fat but will also improve your skin quality.

Every person is different and it is important to come to a consultation so that we can establish what can be done for you.

Usually, the maximum amount of fat that can be safely removed is on average 3 Liters.

VASER liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, but depending on the findings of your consultation, if the procedure is done well and in two to three sessions, it allows us to achieve a dramatic change in shape even in patients with a high amount of fat.

VASER liposuction allows the gentle removal of fat without achieving the definition of the underlying muscles. You will look leaner but with no particular muscle definition.

High definition VASER liposuction (Or Liposculpture) allows the surgeon to minutely remove the fat on top and around of the muscles you wish to sculpt so that they look better defined.

Not everybody is suitable for high definition VASER liposuction. A good muscle tone is essential. Our golden rule is to give you a natural look. We are simply going to expose the muscles that you already have. So, in case of the abdomen, if you have a good underlying muscle mass, the will be able to achieve a great six-pack.

  • Immediately after the procedure, you will recover in the designed area for roughly 2 hours.
  • While being monitored you will be offered a snack and a hot drink.
  • If there are no issues, you will be discharged home under the supervision of an adult.


The first two days following the procedure can be rough, but people usually recover rather quickly from a VASER liposuction procedure.

Regarding the management of pain following VASER lipo, our patients do just fine on paracetamol. Of course, stronger pain killers are available, but usually, our patients don’t complain of feeling pain but more of an achy feeling, and especially in the first two days and if they have treated large areas as if they ran a marathon.

You can expect some fluid leaking from the 4 mm incisions that we make to melt the fat.

The leaking fluid is the remaining tumescent solution mixed to a residual melted fat.

To facilitate this fluid leakage we usually insert in the flanks and abdominal incisions tiny 2 cm long drains only half of which gets into the skin, leaving the rest sticking out.

These drains dramatically reduce the amount of fluid trapped in the treated areas following the procedure and help “drying up” the area. This leads to an optimal re-draping of the skin and a great skin contraction.

In case you will have drains inserted at the end of the procedure, you will have them removed after 1 week, at our first follow up appointment.

The other follow up appointments that we will offer will be at 6 weeks and at 6 months following the procedure.

At the 6 weeks follow up we will be able to assess you free of any scar tissue, persistent swelling and other transient complications. At the 6 months landmark that will be when we will be sure that what we see is the final result, as not only the fat will be removed and the scar tissue will be gone, but the skin quality would have improved to the fullest. So that if you wish to have more treatments in the same area we can provide them at that stage knowing that we can work on a body part that has finished its recovery and improvement from the previous surgery.

Following our procedures, we recommend Lymphatic drainage massages which vary in number based on the areas that are treated.

Check our post-operative care page for more information.

VASER liposuction is a safe procedure if done by an experienced doctor.

Generally, this procedure only treats the space in between the skin and the muscles, staying away from organs or big vessels or nerves. For this reason, it is considered a relatively safe procedure, especially when performed by an experienced doctor.

Most of our cases are dealt with in only one session.

In some cases, however, when the amount of fat to be harvested exceeds the safety limits, or the patient reaches the maximum amount of drugs that can be given during the operation, a second session is needed to treat the remaining areas.

When it is done under general sedation the patient will not feel anything. They will wake up after the procedure and, after being monitored in the recovery area for a few hours, they will be discharged the same day.

When it is done under local sedation our patients are usually comfortable with the preoperative medication that they are given. In case they start becoming more uncomfortable during the treatment we can administer more analgesia to keep the patient pain free.

Even if VASER liposuction is great at sculpting the body and achieving more aesthetically pleasant looks it can’t be considered a weight-loss procedure.

If you are severely obese and looking to reduce considerably your body weight consider undergoing a gastric band treatment, lease with a dietician/nutritionist and increase your daily physical activity.

Depending on the areas that you want us to treat, the time needed for each procedure spaces from 1 hour to a maximum of 3-4 hours.