The moment is finally here.

Due to the high demand for VASER Liposuction treatments, here at LF Aesthetics, we decided to expand our offer and we can finally provide operating dates in Birmingham and Leeds.

We are excited to be able to operate in these two cities as Leeds and Birmingham are the other two cities from where we receive most of the enquiries following Manchester and London.

We operate in state of the art CQC accredited facilities with a team highly trained in VASER liposuction.

Our procedures can involve local anaesthesia, twilight sedation (also known as conscious sedation) or general anaesthesia based on patient preference.

Local anaesthesia involves infiltrating the desired areas with a numbing solution and giving you oral pain killers. In this kind of VASER liposuction treatment, you will be awake and at times you may feel some discomfort.

Twilight sedation, AKA conscious sedation is a higher level of sedation. With this procedure, patients can have a completely pain free experience. They will still be conscious, allowing them to comply with our directions, but they usually are unable to recall anything that happened during the procedure once it is over.

General anaesthesia reaches a deeper level of sedation, it is preferred only in a very small percentage of our patients and involves a longer recovery process.

Come for a free of charge consultation and decide whether you prefer having your cosmetic surgery treatment in our clinic in Leeds or Birmingham.

At LF Aesthetics we pride ourselves for being tormented perfectionists and we are happy to treat any patient, from small improvements of stubborn pockets of fat to more drastic changes in shape.

As we say, beauty already exists. We just enhance it.

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